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Celebrating 35 years of service

Monica is officially on vacation for the next three weeks, but when asked what it feels like to never have to go to work again, she can’t answer that just yet unless “surreal” is enough of a description. So what do you do when you’re feeling “surreal”? Celebrate! … easy though, we’re not 19 anymore.

I picked her up at work on Friday for her final farewell to her microscope. My job was to carry the gift bags and snap a couple of photos. Lots of hugs, a few tears and promises of summer reunions and we skipped down the stairs and out to the parking lot as if not a care in the world…and at that moment there wasn’t.

Off we drove to watch the sunset over cocktails at the York Bistro on the waterfront. Then a fantastic dinner at Italian by Night in the Urbandeli restaurant. A truly wonderful evening. Next day, Monica put me straight to work as she attempted to cram as many of the list of retirement chores into one day. We did find time, however, to relax and reflect on her 35 years of service to the health care system of New Brunswick. She is proud of her legacy and is going to miss the people at work, for sure…already is. Now to discover what lies beyond the Horizon Health Network.

Here are the photo highlights of the first 24 hours of vacation/retirement.

2 replies on “Celebrating 35 years of service”

Looks like a perfect day from start to finish. Congrats to Monica on such a worthwhile career in healthcare. Beautifully said Nelson.

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