Lorna, wish you were here.

Monica and I always said “Lorna brings the sun with her from Ontario” and today was no exception. Peter, her husband, with all of us in tow for support, gathered at Fairhaven Cemetery to finally say goodbye to Lorna. It was a really beautiful service. Poor Peter stood solid, patiently sweating away in his black suit under the hot sun… not a cloud in the sky. We could tell he was far away with her at the moment and our hearts broke for him, again. At least it didn’t rain which was good for Lorna’s 92 year old Mom who was there with us. Imagine her thoughts.

Goodbye Lorna, old friend. You will be missed forever, especially when the sun shines bright in New Brunswick.


Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

One thought on “Lorna, wish you were here.”

  1. Oh Nelse, what a wonderful tribute. Her smile lit up a room like instant sunshine. You will surely miss your great friend. Hugs to you both. xo

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