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Saturday – happy day

What a great day – up early, did stained glass for the morning, finished box #6, went grocery shopping with Monica, bought an antique table at Serendipity, watched Taylor win the synchronized swimming competition at Aquatic Center, had beautiful supper of hot chicken salad, watched Gray’s Anatomy with Mom, and played with pictures on WordPress. Tomorrow, off to Havelock to visit Dad. Ron Nelson is coming with me. Should be an interesting visit. I expect a hunting story…or two.

What a great project this has been. Intensive right from the start. Lots of straight line work so cutting and foiling were a lot easier. Soldering is a little trickier as straight lines don’t hide your mistakes like curves do. Working on  weekends and some week evenings, the whole project took about two weeks. I’d guess about 5-6 hours per box. I saved a bit of time with the first four as I waited and gave them all a patina application at the same time. The others I patinaed as I finished them.

I am very happy with the finished pieces. I hope six special ladies will use them and keep some old memories here just for the sake of keeping them.

yellow frost open

6 together

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