TGIF Friday

This is the day! Home from work to get comfortable (Pink Floyd t-shirt and sneakers) and then off to Taste of Egypt for supper. It was fantastic. Non-licensed which was good…because the specialty drinks are worth trying. Mine was Horus (mango, milk and ice cream) and Monica had something just as delicious. Then we got grape leaves stuffed with rice and spices. Yum, yum. The main course was Eye of Horus for me (Egyptian spiced beef stir fry) and Monica got tandoori skewered beef & chicken. Dessert was rice pudding and baklava. What a feast. We met the owner (nice girl, Paula, from Saint John – her Egyptian husband is the cook).

Taste of Egypt Horus (specialty drink-mango) Rice Pudding & Ice Cream Baklava pickled grape leaves stuffed with goodness Anubis on guard wall art at Taste of Egypt at Taste of Egypt (prism, pyramid - it works)

After supper, we walked across the street to the Imperial theater where we enjoyed Classic Albums live do a very good job of Ziggy Stardust and a suite of Bowie greatest hits. It was fantastic and the lead singer hit all the right notes. Great evening. Do you notice our lives revolve a lot around food and entertainment? Life is good.


Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

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