Sunday – Drive to Havelock to visit Dad

Ron Nelson came with me. That was great company during the drive. Dad hadn’t seen Ron since our wedding (29 years ago) so it was nice for them to talk again about hunting and fishing stories.

Dad and Ron

The day turned into a mission to find Dad’s Masonic apron. I was sure I had brought it home from Lodge last Monday night but he couldn’t find it anywhere in the house. We got the keys to the lodge building from Gerry Tingley and then drove to Salisbury. Ron and I searched the Lodge Hall. Nothing found. Dad was worried and upset, of course.

To settle nerves and think about it, we went to the Irving Big Stop for coffee and pie. Dad was sure the case had to be in the lodge hall or else someone had it. I kept saying “Dad, I’m almost positive I took it home that night”. He said he looked everywhere. So we went back to the lodge hall for a second look and this time he came inside too instead of just sending Ron and me. Half an hour later, still no apron case. I called Fran – she hadn’t seen it.  I tried calling Kathy – no answer. I called Phil Lewis in Moncton – he hadn’t seen it either. We decided to go home for another look and maybe call Joel Bleakney (Worshipful Master).

On the way home, my cell phone rang and it was Kathy. I told he our dilemma and she knew right away where the case was. She had put it in the hall closet. Whew! Crisis averted. See, I knew I had taken it home after lodge.

A great day to spend with Ron and my Father. When I arrived home, I discovered I still had Gerry Tingley’s lodge hall keys in my pocket (darn) and also that Monica had prepared a wonderful beef pasta supper made with garlic parmesan bread (triangle rolls). Oh, so good. Such a fantastic week. Let me count my blessings!

Thanks for reading, Nelly.

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