home life

Saturday – at last.

Wonderful day – exciting start on this cold, snowy/rainy, calm and peaceful Saturday. hard at workIt’s good to be home. Mon and I tidied the basement this morning which produced seven trips to the garage with stuff for Community Living.

Then an uplifting 5 hours of box assembly. Boxes 1 and 2 are together. I am pleased with the results…what a lesson in construction. Thank heavens the hinged lids operate properly.

Box 1 and 2 - all in a day's work Two boxes completed today… four more to go. I am enjoying this project very much. How fortunate am I to find such great satisfaction from this hobby…and best of all is the memory play back of the people I have in mind while working on these. Six very special people to Monica and me who are as much a part of our memory fabric as we are of theirs. Memories worth keeping for sake of a lifetime of friends. Now that’s a journey.

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