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Spring – at last!

It’s been a long old winter and I haven’t been keeping up my website… too many distractions. For one, my Mom passed away in February after a long illness. It was hard to say goodbye but now the focus is on Dad and helping him adjust to life alone. He misses her more than I can ever know. But spring is in the air and that will help lift everyone’s spirits.???????????????????????????????

I was sitting in my living room chair beside the window one morning playing on the laptop when a movement just outside the window caught my attention… seconds later, this little deer pressed his nose right up to the glass and peeked in at me…with his mouth full of my tulips that were only up about 2-3 inches !!! I chased him out onto the lawn but he and his mother just stood there looking at me. Very tame.


Then about 15 minutes later, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal paid a visit to the bird feeder. So good to see them. They are setting up house in the neighborhood. You can hear him singing every morning at 6:00.

I am finally underway with a new project; a series of keep-sake boxes. I haven’t done a box in a long time and never one with a hinged lid so this will be a real learning experience. There will be six of them when I am finished. It is really good to have the glass in my hands and in my head again. Inspiration is budding out. Thank you, Spring!

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