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Sunday Sunday – just love that day.

spinach, chive and avacado omelet with feta cheeseMy day didn’t start with a bang – just coffee. The Bang came later. A couple of hours early of glass work produced box #3 (Red Frost) and then Monica made this amazing breakfast; spinach, avocado and chive omelet with feta cheese. So yummy, WOW.

Then back to the soldering bench to put together box #4 (Green Man). Learning something different with each box. Although they all look alike, no two have been exactly the same each with its own particulars. For example, maybe a lid slides on the hinge rods a bit more than necessary, or a bottom gets soldered to the sides before a slight twist off square is detected, or a lid chain is a bit too long.

All in aboxes 3 & 4ll, a wonderful day. Boxes 3 & 4 are complete and the first four all have the black patina applied. Now they need a polishing. I can do that tonight watching TV with Mon. We are into the Downton Abbey series.

supper day 3 - Tuscan Soup with Chianti

And to end the day off with a bang, Monica made this excellent Tuscan Soup. So good with a bottle of Chianti Classico, it was almost like we were in Italy.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to hobby a weekend away at home. Blessed be the Light.

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