Home On The Range

Our niece, Alison Lewis, and her family live on a beautiful farm in North River, NB. Monica and I visited in the early fall of 2020 to deliver a purchased piece (see Cascade) and to discuss another project that Alison had in mind. First though, a tour. This farm! Such beautiful acreage! We thoroughly enjoyed the animals in the barnyard on this lovely autumn afternoon.

We also toured the century old farmhouse where Alison and her husband, Jaret, have done extensive renovations. In one of the kitchen windows, Alison envisioned a narrow transom panel that would add an artistic focal point and pay homage to their property.

We corresponded online and together created this design sketch. It portrays the central maple trees of the front yard with the split rail fence and wagon wheel, the majestic old barn and Alison’s two horses; Piper (standing with head turned) and Scarlett (grazing). We were both very excited to move this project forward.

With pencil and eraser, I created the full sized pattern to 40″ x 8″ and drew in the solder lines. In total there are 186 pieces in the pattern. The next step was to select the color pallet. I consulted Alison and she chose fall colors to compliment her decor. From that point on, it was no peeking for Alison. As this was planned as Jaret’s Christmas present to her, she did not want to see it completed until Christmas morning. (How sweet). Instead she gave me full artistic freedom to create. I love that! 😀

For the next three weeks, I was happily engaged in my studio. I love longer projects like this where the mind has time to get into the subject matter; I wandered through the hills with the horses, climbed the tree and explored the barn. I thought about family (Alison is on Monica’s side which is a big family) and the many fond memories of the past. I so enjoyed that. Here is the panel in its prefoiled state.

I had it finished and ready for delivery well in advance of Christmas. Monica wrapped it up pretty so Alison couldn’t see it and we delivered it on a Friday, Dec 11. Then I waited, anxious for Alison to see her finished piece.

Her Christmas morning message to me was emotionally charged and uplifting. Her delight was radiating from her face in the photo she sent me. I was immensely pleased. Merry Christmas Alison, Jaret and girls.

I am proud to present the illuminated Home on the Range:


2 replies on “Home On The Range”

I loved reading about the beginnings of this stained glass panel and how it initially came together. The colours that are showcased in this piece are captivating.😍
“Home on the Range” is the perfect name!

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