Inspired by the 1831 painting of Kirifuri Waterfall by Japanese artist Hokusai, I decided to attempt my own woodland cascade in soothing shades of blue and green and sized to 8″x24″.

For glass selection, I used blue Spectrum baroque glass for the water. This beautiful glass is no longer produced so it felt special to use it here. Then, to simulate a shady ravine, I nestled the falls among streamside bushes and moss covered rocks incorporating bits of gray, green, and orange.

The artistic challenge was to create moss covered rocks. Working in the basement, using the flourescent light table is my only way to achieve line flow and symmetry. However, colors and intensity are distorted by artificial light. It’s not until I bring the finished piece upstairs to the windows that I get the true story. At first, I thought the baroque water glass was too stark (transparent) in comparrison to the other glass. But, as I studied it more, I noticed how the foliage outside my window shows through giving the impression of forest trees reflecting on the water. Then, as you move around the piece, shapes and shadows behind the glass change giving the illusion of moving water. Delightful!

I am delighted also to have this piece hanging in the home of our niece, Alison Lewis.

Thank you for reading. I am pleased to present Cascade.