Spring fling in the Miramichi

Monica and I decided to get out of Saint John for the weekend, just for a change of scenery… and I had a particular church in mind to visit in the city of Miramichi. St. Michael’s Basilica in Chatham is the only Basilica in New Brunswick and just happens to have three Guido Nincheri stained glass windows. I was itching to see them. What I didn’t know until I got there is just across the river in Newcastle at St. Mary’s Catholic church are four Guido Nincheri windows! I got into these two churches plus one in Bouctouche and they were all spectacular (see Gallery/World Windows for all photos).

The weather the first day was not so good (snow, rain, wind) but was perfect for photographing windows. There is still lots of snow in Miramichi… like 6-foot banks in most parking lots. The poor towns folk are tired of it and don’t mind saying so. The second day was better with clear blue skies. We had a great time seeing the sights, eating good food and photographing stained glass windows. Monica has also started photographing church steeples… this might become a new obsession 😁

Here are some pictorial images of the weekend highlights.

Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

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