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Peninsula Retreat

Shortly after New Year’s 2018, Monica and I had the opportunity to dog-sit for our daughter and her partner at their house across the SJ river on the Kingston Peninsula. Sarah and Matt took a well-deserved week-long road trip to Niagara Falls leaving their 120 pound Rottweiler, Deacon, in our care. Can I just say, Deacon is a wonderful dog… so obedient and good-natured and energetic… I haven’t had this much exercise in months!

We moved in on a Tuesday and left the following Monday… 6 glorious days “away from it all”. We started the week with lovely cold clear skies. Then came horrible rains that took all the snow and terrible winds that felled some trees. During the storm, the power was out for 15 hours (loved it) and the cable snapped on the ferry so we were stranded (loved it). We finished the week again with lovely cold clear skies.

Even though we were only 30 minutes from Saint John, we may as well have been in Scandinavia. Hope you can tell from the photos how much we enjoyed our Peninsula Retreat.

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