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fall leaves and covered bridges – a photo journal

Monica and I took and couple of days through the week leading up to Thanksgiving weekend to see the fall colors up the Saint John River and photograph some more of NB’s historic covered bridges. We drove to the northwest tip of New Brunswick to Lac Baker, home of our dear friend, Johanne Noel, and where I saw my favorite bridge to date. You’ll see why in the photos (hint: I was kissed in this bridge). We chased the bridges down the river staying the night in Perth-Andover and continuing next morning. In total we saw nine bridges and some of the most stunning fall foliage in the province. Here is the photo journal of the two days.

One reply on “fall leaves and covered bridges – a photo journal”

Love the album, Nelson. You certainly captured beauty ‘at your doorstep’ — well not quite at your doorstep but all in your province. Love it. Marg


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