Important Dates to Celebrate

2016 Birthday/Anniversary

Monica’s birthday (#58) and our anniversary (#32) are 1 day apart (the 29th and 30th). This makes it very convenient for me to remember such important dates and to double up on the celebrations… not that I could ever forget important dates like these … but, old brains, you know.

This year was low key as we are still recouping from our European tour. We celebrated both days with good food starting with Mon’s birthday on Wednesday. We packed a nice picnic lunch and took a car ride up the Saint John River to Wickham. We enjoyed our sandwiches overlooking the river at the Wickham Cemetery. A  morbid place for lunch you ask? Perhaps, but such a very lovely spot. Then we moseyed home through Cambridge Narrows and Hampton. Low key and lovely.

The next day for our anniversary, Sarah took us out for lunch at the East Coast Bistro for excellent food of various kinds. How gracious of our daughter. We really appreciated her generosity.

Saying goodbye to Sarah uptown, we gallery hopped until we found something nice for our wall (a Three Sisters paint stamp by Mark/Roland at Retro & Rust). Before leaving the uptown area, we stopped at our favorite sushi restaurant, Ta-ke Sushi, and picked up some take out for supper; Unagi roll, spicy tuna roll and Spider maki roll. We also picked up some Saki to go with it. 😊

Quiet celebrations. Wonderful food. Cherished memories… glad I took photos.




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