Important Dates to Celebrate

And dance we did

It was a beautiful evening for our 40th Petitcodiac High School Reunion. Sunny and warm, birds singing before dark and later crickets, all was calm and peaceful at Corn Hill Nursery… until we turned on the band!  Crank it! How we laughed and danced just like (well, almost) we were 18 again. Old friends arrived some of whom had not been seen for 40 years! Others not since 30 years. Others more recently but always great to see again. How wonderful. 23 of us in total from a class of 61 graduates. Not bad ☺ and what a fantastic time we had . The music was all 70’s by local band Star Sixty Nine and we finished at midnight with a full procession of Grand Funk Railroad’s Locomotion. Yeah, come on, hook up and let’s go! Smiles all around…😃 …no one threw a knee or a hip (thank you) and I’d say 58 is the new 18. A big group hug  to the 1976 graduates of PRHS!

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