That’s my girl!!

Bless the Saints Above, our daughter (Sarah, 27) got her driver’s license today. What a joyous celebration. A nervous but cool Monica took her to the test location uptown Saint John this morning bright and early before the scheduled 10:00 appointment. While registering our car for the road test, they discovered I had not signed the car’s registration papers. The car was REJECTED for testing. Test cancelled…sorry, young lady. You can reschedule for another time.   😦

Well, Saints Alive let me tell you someone was not happy. As it was my fault, I have to take blame. All sad and mad and depressed, they left the test location with heads hanging low…and descended on my office with car registration and pen in hand and “sign here, please”. I complied.

Shortly after they left my office, I got a text message that the test instructor called and had a cancellation for 2:30 in the afternoon, could she come then? YES!!! Thank You! What a relief. So now, nervous mother, Monica, has to drive around with recently ruffled child for 4 hours until the afternoon test. Emotional roller coaster morning. What to do? Lunch!

All ended well as Sarah took the afternoon test and passed with flying colors. Big high-5’s and hugs. Mother greatly relieved not to mention daughter. Father as cool as always and very pleased for everyone.

After work, we invited Sarah over for BBQ supper. It would be her first time driving her new car alone. Nervous mother and father waited patiently for her to arrive (me not so patient, I paced a bit with camera in hand). Finally I just happened to catch sight of her coming from the opposite direction than I was watching. I got the sequence of evening photos and am so glad I did. Congratulations Sarah!

Here is the video clip of Sarah leaving after supper.

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