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Mother’s Day means surf ‘n turf – love this day as much as the woman

This day was wonderfully relaxing at home with Mon. The morning was for quiet reflection on memories of our own mothers… may they rest in peace. Monica puttered in the kitchen making hash brown casserole and Caesar salad, catching up on Facebook and reading Chatelaine while I finished the Celtic Roundel project in my glass shop. Totally enjoyed this project. (see the full story and project photos under the Panels section).

At 4:00, the party began. Sarah and Matt arrived with the lobster and dessert. The casserole went into the oven, corks were popped, gifts were given, Ryan called to honor his mother and I cracked the lobsters and fired up the barbeque for the steak. Laughter and indulgence ensued. It was a generous day and we got lots of photos for reminiscing later (here are the highlights).

Happy Mother’s Day, Monica. You are the best… and there is no question We all love You.



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