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Eating our way out of winter.

Most life forms that follows a seasonal pattern (like Canadians) take in a rush of nutrients in the spring. This is natural, and, oh so delicious in my case. Here’s a sampler of this week’s rush:

pork with raspberry sauce hamburger nachos and cheese Salmon Charlotte with potatoes, asparagus and salad ham & eggs and well done toast

In trying to stay productive enough to wear off the calories, Saturday’s are often a mad panic to get all the chores done and can result in back spasm if one is not careful. However, two loads of laundry and two carloads of recycleables/refundables, Market shopping, to Sears to buy a bed, then a Costco run, a trip to the Downey Stained Glass to get the glass for the celtic roundel and a visit to the garden center in Fredericton did help to work up an appetite. Solution: a friends-gathering in Fredericton Saturday evening sated the hunger as we feasted on Salmon Charlotte, dessert pastries and enough wine to sink a ship. The Reddons, the Carsons and the Alwards toasted the end of winter and a promise to gather again at the beach this summer.

Sunday: lazy day…more eating…playing with herbs…playing with glass….blogging.


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