A place where the light changes everything.

Like good scotch and wine, Ryan is aging well. He hit the 29 year milestone this week and we got together with him Saturday night in Fredericton for gift giving and a belching good time at Montana’s restaurant.

We arrived shortly after 5:00 pm to find a sleepy Ryan who had just woke up after a full day of sleep (night shift people). A cheerful photo opportunity of card and gifts. Here’s a 15 second video of him opening his card. We gave him a Killer Bee (looks more like a mosquito) t-shirt from Nevis and three Star Wars prints signed by Nick Maley from St. Martin. Killer Bee t-shirt from Nevis Ryan with Yoda

Ryan and I hung the prints in his living room  Luke and Yoda over Ryan's computer C3PO, R2D2 and Ewok in living room while Monica offered up a birthday toilet scrubbing. a Happy Birthday toilet scrubbing How motherly of her (gross!)

Having worked up an appetite, we checked out Ryan’s fridge. Ryan's fridge - pathetic Totally pathetic: a bottle of ketchup, maple syrup, soy sauce and strawberry jam (we added the frozen cheesecake we brought with us). We decided we couldn’t do too much creatively with his inventory, so…

…Hungrily, we headed straight for Montana’s Restaurant for a great meal. at Montanas for dinner Just a little 30 minute wait for a table (not an un-enjoyable wait at all) as we hung out in the bar and made Ryan suffer through photos of our vacation.Birthday celebration at Montanas

Soon escorted to our table, we pigged out on wings, ribs, steak and salmon. wings for all  medium well done, please and thank you  salmon salad ribs, cornbread, bked potato and coleslaw

It was a wonderful evening with our Boy. We are so lucky to live close enough to see him whenever we want. Happy 29th Birthday, Ryan. Hope you enjoyed celebrating it with us. at least we didn't make him wear the birthday hat

Love, Mom and Dad.

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