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Farewell 2014, Welcome 2015

2014. Such a big year! Filled with exploration and wonder (Mexico, New England, Chicago). And also a year filled with worry and want for loved ones whose days would be numbered (my father, who art in heaven, and Lorna). This is the stained glass angel from the flower arrangement at my father’s funeral. How wonderful that he could be with us in spirit this Christmas, perched high on a branch of our Christmas tree, watching down over us.Angels in Heaven

Also on Christmas Eve, we lost our good childhood friend, Lorna. Our hearts broke when Peter called us at 9:00 Atlantic time to give us the sad news. I can’t even imagine what he went through that night or how he will miss her every future Christmas and remember what a wonderful person she was. We definitely felt her sprit with us during the dinner table grace the next day. cheers Lorna!

Monica and I have both said at some point over the past year, “2015 has got to be better!” But, in reality, ’14 was a year that produced such precious memories as I could never have imagined possible.  


We had a wonderful family Christmas. an Alward family Christmas  This was the first time in four years we were all together. We laughed, we cried, it became part of us.  That’s a huge turkey! Just saying.look at the size of that turkey !!!

New Year’s was just as fun with Maneau and Jake and Stella, the golden lab. We heralded in 2015 with laughter and dreams of future journeys to parts unknown.

Happy New Years with Maneau, Jake and Stella

Today (Jan 4th, Sunday), one can feel the season is winding down. Mon and I spent the day tidying the house; taking down Christmas lights Christmas Lights Down, putting away the tree and decorations Monica packing up 2014 and me organizing my glass studio. Nelly Glass Studio 2015 A new project for 2015 is in the wings.

Farewell 2014. You will forever be a huge part of our lives. And we will never forget all that you were.

In the next breath, BRING IT ON, 2015! Let’s see what you’ve got!

Wishing each and every one of you a fantastic new year full of hope and promise. From The Alwards.

Alward Season Greeting







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