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Afternoons of Autumn

I was sitting in the living room recently on a beautiful Sunday afternoon writing in my wine journal just before retiring to the back deck for a glass of Pinotage. The sun was coming through the Schiffer Panel beside me Birds of Schiffer and casting nuggets of color across my pages. journal jewels That was quite inspirational in itself, just because. Then I flipped the page and a rainbow drop fell on just the right word… I couldn’t resist taking this shot. The light of my life She is the light of my life AND has lovely legs as the photo suggests.

Finished journaling and off to the deck to enjoy the last hour of sunshine for the day. The pinotage was gorgeous. It has matured and produced many tiny wine diamonds (tartrate crystals) wine diamonds a-plenty At only 8 months, it is so smooth and rich. A fantastic vintage.  Pinotage au Backdeck

These moments are magical.  wine fish leaping We are so fortunate.

Happy Autumn!


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