Spring has sprung at last

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, things are sprouting up and budding out. Wooo hooo!

Had a great weekend with Dad and Monica in Havelock. Started with overnight Saturday and breakfast at the airport with Dad, Mon and Uncle Lee. Breakfast with Dad and Uncle Lee   Then a drive through the country to Corn Hill where Monica picked up her new Campfire rose. It survived a mouse attack through the winter and has some nice healthy little shoots coming out on it. With Monica at Corn Hill Nurseries

Next to Sussex to get some flowers (thanks Marlene) for a visit we had planned later. Leaving Sussex, we drove through Penobsquis and up the old Trans Canada past a familiar old landmark. Does anybody remember Old Blow Hard? the broken down Race Horse at Animal Land? Here he is in all his Old Glory. Old Blow Hard the Race Horse

On we journeyed through Portage Vale and Goshen back to Petitcodiac and Havelock and straight to the cemetery to visit Mom’s grave and give her some flowers (thanks again Marlene).

Flowers for Mother Taking Dad for a drive

Finished the foiling on the Schiffer Villa Panel this weekend. Enjoyed many hours with my feet up on this phase of the project. You can follow the entire project under Panels/Schiffer Villa. Here are some shots of the finished foil job.

bird #1 foiled and ready for solder  Full Panel Foiled     foiling done - close up bird #7




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