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Hot Sunday – without the fudge

Dad’s home air conditioning broke in 34 degree weather. So the survival plan was; spend the evening with Sis at Grand Lake and then the next afternoon with me in the car (with air conditioning) driving through the country.

3 of us  back roads for miles  splash guard repairs




Exploring to find a short cut through the woods from Harper Settlement to Portage Vale, we nearly got stuck a couple of times, bad roads, mud holes, branches scraping, muffler scraping – it was like off roading… repairs to torn splash guard later in the evening. All in all, a nice day.Great to spend it with Dad.

A little rain on the road to cool things down a bit and then home to BBQ chicken with chipolte mango sauce… mmmm delicious. rain shower

BBQ chicken with mango chipolte sauce, potatoe salad and garlic bread


…and, we have a new peony open today – the single pink one, Very lovely.

single pink peony       single pinks opening

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