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Enjoying a wonderful long weekend

Really had a great time cutting up fallen trees at Dad’s. Thankfully, no accidents! Monica worked right along beside me like a trooper. We were very sore at the end of the day but it wasn’t until next day that we really felt the achy muscles.

Went to Moncton and picked up some green opal glass with a glitter sparkle for the background color of the Peony shade. Monica returned a couple of pillows (living room) and we took dad to McDonalds for fish burgers (I had a double – ever good!). The lamp shade is started (cutting and grinding) and the first row of border is in position as I write this. I will work away some more and get the second row pinned on before quitting for the day.

Tonight (Monday – Victoria Day) I’m going back to Havelock to take Dad to Masonic Lodge in Moncton. Looking forward to that too.

cCleaning up dead falls at Dad's in Havelock first row of border

Dad and me at Masonic Lodge with my new Lewis Jewel

2 replies on “Enjoying a wonderful long weekend”

I must confess, the notion of you with a chain saw gave me pause for thought. It must be that day you went a little silly and shaved off half your mustache. You knocked on my residence room door grinning like an idiot, wearing my Frye boots on your hands like hooves. Really Nelson, Monica wasn’t helping, she was supervising!

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