stained glass

Project Completion

It only took a week of evenings with 2 Sundays on either end to finish this Christmas Trees project. I have been asked many times “How long does it take to make a stained glass project?”. This one, @ 162 pieces, would be comparable in size to a medium window panel or a small lamp. Total hours are:

  • Day 1 (Sunday): pattern tracing, glass cutting and begin grinding – 8 hours
  • Day 2 (Monday evening): grinding – 2 hours
  • Day 3 (Tuesday evening): finished grinding – 2 hours
  • Day 4 (Wednesday evening): foiling – 1 hour
  • Day 5 (Thursday evening): foiling – 2 hours
  • Day 6 (Friday evening): foiling – 3 hours
  • Day 7 (Saturday): finished foiling and assembly – 1 hour… visited Ryan in Fredericton most of the day
  • Day 8 (Sunday): soldering/washing/polishing: 8 hours

Total: 27 hours… that’s 3 hours per tree. And I’ll get a life-time of enjoyment from the time invested.

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