stained glass

Insomnia – Yawn!

This is what insomnia looks like at 2:00 AM Sunday morning… (self timer photo) 

When there’s a project just starting, my mind is all over it, day and night. I love this phase but getting over tired usually leads me to start making mistakes. Like drawing the pattern on the wrong side of the glass….doh!

Monica and I visited Havelock this weekend. Stayed Friday night with Mom at her house…  Breakfast with Mom, then I raked the chestnut tree leaves and nuts (huge/many). I planted the sapling which came from behind Grammie Alward’s trailer by Seeley’s Brook when I was 16. Monica went scrapbooking with the ladies in Petitcodiac on Saturday. A beautiful day. You could smell the Change of Seasons in the crisp air. Way too many leaves! 🙂

Dad, who at 86 was off to hunting camp for a week with the “Boys”, came home Saturday afternoon just as I finished the leaves. Perfect timing – chores done – good boy. No deer 😦 (I think he was OK with that). It is wonderful to see them both whenever I can.

5 replies on “Insomnia – Yawn!”

Christmas Trees, my first production line project. I am thrilled and can’t sleep (this always happens at project start and again at project finish) – and you are right, insomnia yawns 🙂 (I like that)

Loved hearing about your visit with your parents. Bet they were thrilled to have you helping them out with the leaves and your Mom having you guys sleep over. That sapling has sure turned into a large tree! Funny you mentioning about the hunting Camp. I was just thinking the other day how much Dad loved those hunting trips. Can’t wait to visit your folks next time we go down east.

Yes, Dad certainly loves to get out in the woods. He doesn’t leave the truck now… just sits and watches the road for deer. Must be hard to get old and unable to do the things you used to do. I feel for him and Mom too. Our turn will come someday.

Last Christmas I took Dad’s old Super-8 movies and had them digitally remastered onto DVDs. There are some great hunting clips of your Dad and mine at the hunting camp. There are some even better clips of Christmas dinner at your house in Canaan with Grammie and Grampie and the whole clan. We’ll have to get together sometime and watch them… what a hoot!

Man, I would love to see them…..I can imagine the pin curled hair Mom had going on for us kids! Those were the days, can’t beat the memories though. Your parents must have loved seeing all those captured treasures on DVD. It would be great to have a family reunion sometime and show them. Yes, it is hard to see our parents get older and not do what they did so easily a few years ago. As you say our turn will come someday.

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