I’m fascinated with rose windows and would love to make one. The Creation Window in the Washington DC National Cathedral inspires me with its ‘big bang’ composition and vibrant colors. However, size being the limiting factor in my house, I settled for a 15″ roundel that would give me a scaled-down satisfaction. 

Thinking ‘cosmos’, I incorporated the twelve zodiac symbols as subject matter and tied them together with radiating tentacles to suggest the expanding universe. I also learned (didn’t know) the zodiac calendar starts at the spring equinox (March 21) with Aries so I positioned that at the top. Then it reads clockwise ending with Pisces. Following the celestial band of the sun’s rise and fall through the seasons (the zodiac), each of the twelve constellations is presented with every 30 degree rotation of the earth around the sun. Cool, eh?

At 364 pieces (a year’s worth), it’s an ambitious pattern with a “lots to see” quality. Harmony and balance were my guides as I chose red for the tentacles on a blue background so they would “pop”, pearl opalescent for the spheres (moonish) and use of the full color spectrum throughout the symbols. Just for fun, I put a little shot of irridescence in each image for a constellation-like twinkle.

This project took 4 weeks to complete and got me over the winter doldrums. There were a few mistakes made which I just couldn’t live with (typical Virgo) and I had to re-make certain signs, including Virgo. That really just extended the enjoyment time in the studio as I worked away … contemplating the universe ✨. p.s.- I couldn’t imagine creating a 30-foot rose window !!!

Later on, my friend, Glenn Ketchum, made a light box specifically for this piece. Now I can hang it on any wall in the house and enjoy it day and night (photo at end of close-ups gallery below).

Thanks for reading. I am pleased to present… Zodiac followed by a gallery of close-ups.

Stained Glass Zodiac



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