A place to see light and glass become art.


My first commissioned piece… a small panel for our good friend Yogi’s birthday (Maneau’s mom). A bottle of wine and two glasses with hanging grapes. I searched Google images for a suitable design. This one looked perfect. 100 pieces in total with the smallest (about 0.5 cm) being along the top edge of the wine in both glasses. The label on the bottle is a peculiar design and I debated changing it but decided to stay with the original. It does make an interesting contrast.

I enjoyed searching for the right colors of glass at both Downey Stained Glass in Fredericton and Phoenix Stained Glass in Portland. Monica found the perfect glass for the wine in the glasses while poking through a small box of glass scraps at Phoenix Stained Glass in Portland. Such luck!

I altered the pattern only slightly. The original design shows the wine bottle as one color from bottom to top. However, in reality once wine is poured, the bottle (if green) will show the dark wine remaining at the bottom of the bottle and the green glass at the top. So, that’s what I did. I think the result is more realistic. Also, I changed the colors in some of the wine label pieces after the first rough cut to add more contrast.

I worked away through the summer of ’14 as time would allow. By late August, the panel was foiled and set in the frame ready for soldering. Because this piece was a commission, I was nervous about my soldering technique so I booked a private lesson with Brenda Downey of Downey Stained Glass. Brenda is a wonderfully talented artist and a patient teacher. One early September workshop at Downey Stained Glass (near Fredericton on Jemseg side) and the panel was completed. Yogi’s birthday is not until October so I finished with lots of time.

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