It’s December 1st, 2013. Monica is in the Christmas Spirit … me too. I’m happy to have a project in stained glass…it’s been calling me… and Christmas is coming. This series of sun catchers are all destined as gifts… so exciting! I’ll call this project “The Thirteenth Star”. One for Monica and twelve for others. Each one will have a unique combination of clear textured arms and a unique jewel color. Wonder which one Monica will choose? I love Christmas.

(p.s. she chose star #9, forest green)

I had the opportunity again in 2016 to make seven of these suncatchers for Monica’s niece, Sandra, in Mississauga as Christmas gifts for her team of seven Regional Sales Reps who call themselves the Stellar Sellers. I made each star with a clear glue-chip background and one of the seven colors of the visible light spectrum; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo (purple) and Violet (rose). photo at end of gallery

3 replies on “Star”

My beautiful ‘star’ gift is staying up all year round! Too lovely to put away! Thank you again!

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