Monica commissioned me to produce 20 snowflakes for Christmas 2014. So, off to the internet to search for ideas that would allow for a fast mass production. Thirteen pieces in each, times twenty is a 260 piece project. Sounds just right for a quick autumn fix of glass work.

In September, I chose an iridescent ice crystal glass for the arms of the snowflakes and a frosted clear for the centers and mini points. In October, I did the tracing and rough cut all on a Sunday morning. Then I put my feet up for the afternoon to play with photos and blog this posting…it’s nice to have the free time 🙂

The next weekend, I did the grinding in about 5 hours total broken up in 1-2 hour sessions. A very relaxing day indeed which, once again, included playing with photos and blogging.

Four weeks later (mid November) and after 10 hours of work, the project lay foiled and zip-locked in the basement as the house underwent renovations (kitchen and electrical upgrading to 200 amp). Could it get done in time for Christmas? I don’t know. Certainly not in the current condition of the glass shop (see photos).

Finally on the weekend of December 6/7 with renovations still underway but the deadline looming, I couldn’t wait any longer. I set up the new shop in the basement and soldered all weekend (9 hours). I got 17 of the 20 snowflakes completed including polishing.  It felt ready good to get back into the glass shop after several weeks of down time.

Then the next weekend, December 14th was a nice Sunday at home. Mon and I decorated the house for Christmas and I finished the last three snowflakes (1.5 hours) to complete this project just as Mon was wrapping gifts. Excellent timing! I estimate around 25 hours total. They make lovely little sun catchers and look quite different from day to night. Mon will enjoy giving them as gifts and I will enjoy the memories of the Christmas Snowflake project of 2014.

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