Peony Lamp

Here is a project that will take me into new territory. I’ve been planning this Peony Lamp for Monica for quite some time especially since seeing the Tiffany lamps in the book that Sarah gave me in New York. My last attempt at a round shade was the Peacock Lamp and that was using the form that I made myself. This time I will be using a professionally made Worden lamp shade form that I purchased from The Glass Place online. I shopped around a long time in Fredericton, Moncton and Portland to find the glass I wanted. Still looking as I write this because you never know when you might see something that catches your eye, but I think I have just about everything I need to get started.

Peonies are Mon’s favorite flowers and we have enjoyed several varieties on our property for years. We have white, pink and burgundy so I’ll try to incorporate all those colors into the lamp.

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