Of all the birds, I find the peacock most irrisistable to watch especially when the males are displaying. I am drawn, like you, to the irridescent colors and shimmering eye-spots in that majestic tail.

I’ve procrastinated making one perhaps unsure I’d be able to do it justice. This little paper napkin doodle has gathered dust in my studio for over 10 years. I always kept it pinned up nearby where I could see it… always thinking ‘maybe someday’. Finally, during the spring 2020 COVID isolation, I needed a project to really lift my spirits and this was it.

Using all irridescent glass so it would show at night with the house lights on, I envisioned this piece more as a wall hanging than in a window. The original sketch was scanned and sized up to 13″. With 80 pieces of glass, some of them smaller than the head of a match, it was a challenging pattern and I loved every minute of making it.

I also love it over my fireplace.

stained glass peacock


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