On Permanent Vacation

In late September ’16, I got an inquiry from my good friend and colleague at NBCC, Cathy Peppard, on creating a retirement gift for Linda Brownrigg, Regional Director for the St. Andrews campus, 30+ years service and one of my mentors when I worked there. Well, of course, I was delighted! Cathy and I tossed around several ideas and settled on a theme that both Linda and her husband, Bill, find great joy in pursuing… travelling on their motorbike. Linda is also fond of lighthouses. So, with some artistic licence, I incorporated the Portland Lighthouse into the pattern. I was sure they would have seen it many times before. Please remember, artistic licence… Wesside!

Cathy (Agent Peppard) was very helpful in sleuthing around to find the make and model of Linda and Bill’s bike. She covertly found a photo and sent it to me through email …  Yamaha Venture Royal Star Trike in burgundy and black.

The pattern was developed over several days as I tried various layouts and perspectives and studied lots of Google images. I could not, however, find an image of real people on this bike in the angle I wanted them. So I drew my own… many times. At one point, I had Linda riding on Bill’s shoulders 🙂

In total, this was a 63 hour project. I had a wonderful time throughout it all thinking about Linda and our many work experiences together. I was excited and honored to present the panel to her myself at the St. Andrews campus and wish her a wonderful retirement.



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