NBCC Suncatcher

For my final goodbye to NBCC as an employee, I wanted to leave something behind as a reminder that I was there. So I decided on a sun catcher of the NBCC logo.

NBCC logo When I look at these photos in the future I’ll be reminded of the 16 wonderful years I had with the college.

I sized it small (6″x 6″) and printed the logo at work in Fredericton on my last morning there (Thursday Sept 3rd, 2015). I planned to give this sun catcher to Marilyn Luscombe, CEO and President of NBCC. She likes stained glass and has said so to me. She even has some in her office given to her by former college employees (Selkirk College)…and now she’ll have mine too 🙂

Searching for glass that was close to the NBCC colors was a challenge as the colors are unique to the brand. I did find remarkably close colors at Amber Stained Glass in Moncton. The glass selections are intricate and unique in their color patterns and surface textures (some wispy opalescent and some ring mottle). The hardest cut was the long slender White Y between the sky and river. I broke the first attempt trying to get the deep cut with the carbide cutter and pliers. Lesson learned, I used the grinder for the deep curve on the second attempt.

Three years later, I received a commissioned from the college to make 15 of these logos as gifts for delegates and dignitaries. It was a pleasure to make them and even more so to deliver them and visit with some of the old gang!

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