A friend and former colleague at NBCC, Cindy Mitchell,  asked me if I could do a small panel (8″x 12″) of her and her husband, Eric, on their motorbike. She has a photo in her office from the time they drove their Honda Goldwing over the famous “Tail of the Dragon” route in the Blue Ridge Parkway of North Carolina.

It was a great project with lots of very small pieces. I tried a mirrored finish glass for the underbelly parts of the bike. Very difficult stuff to work with because of grinder chipping and subsequent light shine through after soldering. Had to use paint to seal the light spots. Also used a silver paint on the gray glass to simulate chrome. That was OK… not quite chrome, though. Also there are several drilled holes in this piece which added to the delicacy of work. All in all, I was pleased with the results.

Here is the original photo and the finished panel.

Cindy and Eric motorcycle panel finished


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