Keepsake Boxes

A project I have been waiting for all winter – started off as a series of six small keepsake boxes with hinged lids. All will have the same square beveled top design, each one with its own unique textured clear glass and color pattern. Later I added a 7th box…a uique design with a round beveled top design. This project is different from my usual choice of project because all the cuts are straight line (except for the box top front piece – has a small bump for opening the lid). Cutting, Grinding and Foiling should be a breeze – no tiny pieces or deep curvy bends.

I have done a box or two in the past but never one with a hinged top. I’m excited and nervous to try it. The instructions say to be very careful not to solder the hinge to itself or else the top won’t open. Yikes! But then, we learn from our mistakes, right?

The repetitive nature of a project like this is beneficial for the practice I get on techniques…especially straight line work. Plus repetition allows the mind to wander – truly a sign of relaxation. Even photographing the project and having fun uploading to nellyglass was a very creative journey in itself (Journey within a Journey)…. I am so fortunate and I have always liked Journey (Don’t Stop Believin’).

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