A place where the light changes everything.


A little project done up quickly in time for the NBCC Staff Christmas party. A silent auction is being held with all proceeds going to the Charlotte County Schools breakfast program. I thought this would be a creative way of contributing.I had a vision in mind for the finished product but it didn’t turn out quite as I imagined (first timers rarely do, eh?); a 3-D sprig of holly ornament. Fifteen leaves and fifteen berries. The leaves have thin copper foil veins – had to cut little strips of foil into quarters to get thin strips. Originally planned as a table top decoration with an arched stalk so the berries and some leaves would hang down. It shows better as a hanging decoration – mostly because if in a window, the berries will light up.

I certainly learned some things from this project that I would do differently next time; like cluster the berries together in groups of 3, 5 or 7, shorten the leaf twigs, use something different that copper wire for the stalk (the little berry and leaf twigs did not adhere well). Otherwise I’m happy with the experience. I enjoyed making it very much and giving it away even more.

Next time, I’ll look for improvements. Here are the photos.

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