Eleven Step Process

I’ve had lots of people ask me “What’s it like to do stained glass? and how long does it take to make a piece of art?”

So the answer is complex, as you would expect. First, imagine less than 5% of the time is “creative artist” work and the other 95% is technicial work doing repetitive tasks (cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering). It’s the drive I get from the 5% creative work that carries me through the other 95% stuff (which I like to do anyway). The overall time is dependent on several factors such as number of pieces, size of pieces, complexity of pattern and other considerations like presence of deep curves (increases the grinding time).

Best way to tell you is to take you on a short 5 minute journey to recap 43 hours of actual studio time as I designed and created the Nellyglass Studio sign for my shop. Covering a 2-week period leading right up to Christmas Eve, the tension mounted as I tried to complete this project before company arrived on Christmas Day.

From inception to installation, each link below takes you to a separate page for a quick read and a photo or two about that step in the process of creating a copper-foiled panel.

Happy reading and hope you enjoy the journey.

nellyglass studio panel


1. Pattern making: 5 hrs
2. Glass selection: 2 hrs
3. Cutting: 7 hrs
4. Grinding: 10 hrs
5. Washing: 1 hr
6. Foiling 10 hrs
7. Soldering: 4 hrs
8. Framing: 2 hrs
9 & 10. Cleaning and Polishing: 2 hrs
11. Installation: a few minutes

Total time= 43 hrs

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