Deacon… good-boy!

Deacon is a wonderful dog; good natured, loyal and obedient. I’ve known him since he was four and we’ve been great pals ever since. He is pushing nine now and his whiskers are graying but he’s still always eager to go outside and chase a ball. When our daughter, Sarah, asked if I could do his portrait as a birthday gift for her fiance, Matt, I was instantly inspired.

Getting a photo was easy… Sarah’s Instagram site had lots to choose from. Then it was just a matter of copy and paste, size to print, and draw the lead lines. In total, it has almost 60 pieces, so quite detailed for a small (8″) panel.

Black Rottweiler, black glass. Difficult to portray the beautiful shine lines on his fur with flat black glass. So, I experimented by combining two different types of black glass (a rough texture and a smooth) in an attempt to differentiate light and shadow. The results were… mmmm… interesting and kinda cool once you know the intention. In the light, however, it all looks the same…. black!

Happy Birthday, Matt. Deacon will live forever in your window and in our hearts.

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