Christmas Trees of 2012

Started out making a tree for Monica… and then Sarah too… and then things sort of went out of control when I found a gem stock pile at the stained glass store in Fredericton. Nine is a nice number. So, this will be my first production line project…I’m psyched!

The design for this pattern actually came from a photo I took in the gift shop at Bully Hill Vineyards in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. I’ll plan to make each tree slightly different from all the others so each is unique.

Merry Christmas.

2 replies on “Christmas Trees of 2012”

Day three: finished grinding all the pieces last night after work. I remember many days when I was very young, my father would disappear to the basement to work on the airplane he was building. I often thought “How could anyone spend so much time doing the same thing?” – well now I understand. The basement is my sanctuary. It’s there that I think, dream, imagine, plan, decide, fail, learn, and succeed.

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