Celtic Lamp

This project was conceived as a gift for Maneau and Jake’s 10th anniversary (June 2015). Jake (York) is of Scottish descent which meant something of a Celtic nature would befit. Plus I wanted to make them a lamp so I searched the internet for “celtic stained glass lamp” (love Google) and found this one that looked intricate yet simple enough for a medium sized table lamp.

internet search

Since all I had to work with was this internet image, I had to draw the pattern by hand (love that!). I made the bottom of the lamp shade 10″ and the top 2.75″ to fit the nearest sized vase cap. I altered the pattern slightly so that the knot thread always follows the over/under pattern of a true Celtic design (this one I found on the internet was close but not 100% accurate).

For the glass in the knot, I used the same Urobos iridescent glass that I used on the birds in the Schiffer Villa panel. That way the lamp would glow at night whether lit or unlit. For the background, I chose a peach/orange opalescent. I found a 14″ Mission style lamp base online like the one shown in the picture. When it arrived, I decided it was too big so I ordered a 12″ base…much better! (I’ll keep the 14″ one for another project).

Total project time = 43 hrs. I really enjoyed making this lamp 🙂






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