Western Nova Scotia 2020

February 14th (Friday) – 17th (Monday) was a long weekend with Monday being Family Day in New Brunswick and Heritage Day in Nova Scotia. The weather had been miserable here lately and Monica and I wished we could take a cruise south for a little vacation. So, we did!… south across the Bay of Fundy to Digby, NS. Then on to Yarmouth where Monica booked the 2-night Valentine’s Day special at the Rodd Grand Hotel. Finally on to Halifax for 1 night at the Barrington Hotel and returned home on Monday.

Eastern Nova Scotia map

It was a wonderful 3 nights and 4 days jam-packed with local sight-seeing and great food. There were lighthouses, antique stores, architecture, a church or 2 (maybe 10), art galleries, coastal landscapes, old friends and, did I mention great food? We had a blast! Just what the doctor ordered 😁

For my own future recall, I took lots of photos and created a Google Photos album highlighting the trip over the 4 days. Note- there are more than 150 photos in the 2020 Western NS Road Trip album but it includes only brief samples of the various churches we visited. If interested, you can see all my photos of these attractions in World Windows.