Beveled Triangles

This project was conceived as a wedding gift for our nephew Andrew Tingley and his fiance Coralee. I had five 3″ beveled triangles on stock and wanted to create something original with them. It started out smaller and then grew into this 16″ triangular panel with 10 bevels inside the larger triangle. Perfect size… not too big, not too small.

Pattern creation took only 30 minutes and was simple and easy since everything was straight lines. The pattern really drew itself…all I had to do was measure to get the angles right. 15 7/8″ outside dimension, 3/4″ border and all inner triangles @ 2 7/8″.

I have a good supply of glass on inventory so I chose a pretty pale purple with irridescent reflective coating (I love this creative artistic phase). Just praying it goes with anything in Coralee’s decorating taste.

Cutting was an enjoyable quiet hour at 4:00 am in the studio. Thankfully, no breakage during the cut. Must be extra careful now because I don’t have any more long glass to replace if a border piece gets broken.

Both grinding and foiling were super easy with all straight lines and only 19 pieces in total. Maybe 2 hour max for both steps combined.

Soldering was a challenge as I has planned to frame the piece in 1/8″ zinc came. However, that plan was scrapped when I had difficulty both cutting the came at the right angles for the corners and trying to figure out the hanging mechanism. Instead, I wrapped the entire piece with 20 Guage copper wire forming two hanging loops as I went. Then I soldered the wire to the outside edge. It should be good and strong.

I really like this design. One of my favorites.

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