June to the End

I love late June for two very special reasons; Monica’s birthday on the 29th and our wedding anniversary on the 30th.

To celebrate this year, we headed for Prince Edward Island stopping first into Victoria By The Sea for lunch at the Landmark… awesome chowder and fish cakes. Then onward to spend one glorious night at the very grand Dalvay by the Sea Inn on the north shore. Great service, great food! Happy Birthday Monica 🥂

The next day, traffic was light as we poked our way along lupin-lined roads stopping occasionally to visit a church or snap a landscape moment. By afternoon, we arrived at picturesque Big Point Cottage on the south shore at Belle River. Here we would stay for the next three weeks.

It was raining when we arrived and we enjoyed a quiet afternoon exchanging cards and sharing 35 years of memories over a nice bottle of wine and burgers for dinner. Happy Anniversary Monica 🥂

Here are the photo highlights of June to the End.



Author: nellyglass

Stained Glass Artist

3 thoughts on “June to the End”

  1. Wow, such beautiful photos and commentary! What a wonderful place to spend your anniversary! The Inn is absolutely gorgeous! You even had a chance to enjoy some lovely stained glass windows. The “gentle island” is a real treasure and a place we and our kids so enjoyed every summer. Canada is so full of beauty! The lupins and wildflowers bring back many Maritime memories. Your cottage rental looks welcoming and peaceful. Happy Anniversary! Cheers to many more wonderful years of love and adventure, Mae

    1. Love following you guys on your travels. Monica plans everything to perfection and your photos and commentary are superb. Can’t wait for your next trip. 🥰

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