A place where the light changes everything.

2- Newport

Up and away from Portland at 4:00 AM (I know… we were excited) primarily so we could get through Boston before the traffic got too heavy.

Three hours later,  we pulled into Newport and easily found the Marriott hotel.  As this was Easter Sunday morning, traffic was light. Our room was ready and they let us right in at 9:00 am (excellent). Beautiful hotel!

Off we went on foot to visit six churches in the downtown area;

  • St. Mary’s  (where JFK and Jacqueline were married)
  • Trinity (1698 – gorgeous white interior with a Tiffany window!)
  • St. Joseph’s  (stunning glass dome and pink marble)
  • First Presbyterian Church  (huge and stunning rose window)
  • St. John the Evangelist (dark, small, beautiful)
  • Channing Memorial Church (Lafarge stained glass)

Each church we went into we caught a little of the service; a prayer here, a hymn there, even a coffee fellowship and everywhere people wishing us a Happy Easter. What a wonderful way to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. I’ll spare you most of the photos here but if you are interested, you will find all photos of each church under Gallery/World Windows.

The afternoon was bright and warm. Newport is famous for its many mansions of the rich and famous from the gilded age of the late 1800s. We toured two of the better known mansions, both built by the Vanderbilt family of railroad and shipping tycoon fame. First, Marble House built by William Vanderbilt and second, The Breakers built by his brother, Cornelius. If you know the name Gloria Vanderbilt, she is decendent from Cornelius. These homes are museums today but still look as they did 150 years ago. The wealth! The privilege! The spoiled lives they led! We’re they any happier than the rest of us? I’m not so sure.

After the tours, Monica and I walked for awhile along the famous “cliff walk” that follows the coast behind several of Newport’s mansions. Beautiful views up and down the coast.

Dinner was at the Brick Alley Pub just across the street from our hotel. Steak for Mon and scallops for me. Full, tired from 6 hours or walking, and totally enthralled with the days photos, we crashed and I counted stained glass windows until I fell asleep.

Here are the photo highlights of day 2-Newport

Comments on: "2- Newport" (2)

  1. Diane Carson said:

    Looked at your photos while I was having my morning coffee. As usual, my coffee got cold as I forgot to drink it while absorbed in your “work”. 😉

    I have a question for you. Why is Matthew portrayed as a human in the windows, but Mark, Luke and John are portrayed as animals?

    Envious of your weather. It snowed here last night…

    On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 10:50 PM, nellyglass studio wrote:

    > nellyvinelly posted: “Up and away from Portland at 4:00 AM (I know… we > were excited) primarily so we could get through Boston before the traffic > got too heavy. Three hours later, we pulled into Newport and easily found > the Marriott hotel. As this was Easter Sunday morni” >

    • Great question Diane. Matthew is the man who received the first word of God and recorded it (first book of new testament), Mark is represented as a Lion who fights for the faith, Luke represents the bull which was sacrificed (like Jesus) and John is the eagle representing Christ ascending to heaven. This may not be exact but that’s how I remember the four apostles and their symbols. Sorry for your snow… wait till you see today’s weather shots of Philly 🙂

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