Saint John stained glass

Saint John glass treasures

On this cold and beautiful Sunday morning in mid-March (2017), Monica and I did some church sightseeing to get a few window shots. We visited two of the city’s oldest and most beautiful; Trinity Anglican (uptown) rebuilt in 1881 after the Great Fire and Assumption Catholic (West side) built in 1842.

The sun was bright and the windows sparkled in all their glory. I was in heaven for a few minutes. Here are the highlights.

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Hi, Nelson…a couple of years ago, Mon took ‘the girls’ on a tour of downtown St John and we visited Trinity Anglican. The stained glass windows there are as stunning and beautiful as any I have seen in many many churches in Europe. After our visit I had heard that the church had been closed for lack of attendance. I am so pleased to hear that this treasure is being maintained. Truly, this is a national/international treasure to be cherished. And especially, this year of the 150 celebration,, I do hope these beautiful treasures are recorded for tourists ‘not to miss”.

Keep the treasures alive!

Thanks Marg. I’ve tried a couple of times and haven’t been able to get in but we knew it would be open on Sunday morning. Trinity Anglican in Saint John reminds me of the Black Abbey windows in Kilkenny and reminds Monica of St. Giles in Edinburgh. I’m with you on recording as many of these treasures as we can for posterity.

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