stained glass

Step 8: Framing

This step is just as often done before soldering especially in small panels like this. Nevertheless, to me it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Regardless of when it’s done, a frame has to be cut. Zinc came comes in many sizes. This time I used a 5/16″ and cut all corners to 45° with my hack saw and mitre box.

Once cut, the frame is super easy to assemble with the panel previously soldered and ready. The came has a chanel on one side that fits over the edge of the glass. That’s why it was important not to solder the edges earlier. With frame in place and held tightly with pin I flux and solder each corner and join every solder line between each border piece (38 in total) to the frame. This many connections helps to strengthen everything. It is time consuming, though, doing the same thing to both sides (78 connections total). Finally I add hanging rings.

Total time framing: 2 hrs.

Next: Steps 9&10 Cleaning & Polishing

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