stained glass

Step 11: Installation

It’s Christmas Eve and I just finished my nellyglass studio sign project. What a wonderful journey I had through this project not only building the art piece but also blogging every step along the way.

The anticipation builds and builds as I work along many hours until that final moment when I hang it and get to step back and see it for the first time as it was meant to be displayed… in this case, lit from behind. This is the moment I can feel anything from amazed and delighted beyond my expectations to suddenly disappointed that something didn’t work quite as I had envisioned. Usually, I feel the entire range of emotions with every project. This one was the same. Emotions were fully engaged as I proudly hung my sign over my studio space in the basement. If I had to use one word, it felt real.

Now it’s time to set the glass aside to celebrate the birth of Christ with loved ones, exchange presents, be merrily foolish, and enjoy a grand gathering of several families to feast and rejoice. Blessed, are we not?

Thanks for coming on the journey with me through the various steps in the making of this special piece of art. Hope you learned something new and enjoyed the experience.

Total time for this project: 43 hours

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