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Time to Reflect

It’s so good to be home after 18 days of travel and exploration, discovery and astonishment throughout Ireland and Scotland. I’d like to thank everyone who followed me and especially to those who commented with words of encouragement and support…some of you who I do not even know personally – you all were my motivation.

Inspiration is spilling over every time I go back and look at some of those amazing cathedral windows. The entire experience was too big for me to see as ‘one trip’ and I can still only piece it together with the help of my blog posts. I knew these would come in handy someday!

I’ve been in the studio ever since returning and imagining many things – things seen recently and future hopefully. My latest project is progressing well and I’m ready for the foiling stage…my favorite step in the journey because I get to sit back with my feet up … more like a lay than a step 🙂

Here’s a teaser:

time to reflect
time to reflect


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