stained glass

dreams coming true

I’ve wanted to expand nellyglass studio for awhile now so I would have more surface area to work on and so I could set up my grinder more permanently. This week I was able to do that while on vacation. With the addition of two new benches, I’ve tripled my working surface area. What a difference a little elbow room will make. Here are the before and after pics.

early 2000s: a happy little space
mid-late first decade: a happy little space. That’s the coral reef lamp in progress.
nellyglass studio 2015
nellyglass studio 2015. Imagine the possibilities (that’s really the NBCC mantra but it works for me at this moment)








I’m really looking forward to getting into the spirit of the glass very soon. I’ve got a project ready to go (a mermaid) but it may have to wait until after my inspirational tour of Ireland in a couple of weeks. The windows in the cathedrals are calling me and I expect to be filled with multidimensional energy when I see them. When I come home, I’ll be in the studio.

sneek peek
sneek peek

Here is the photo sequence of the expansion

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